The Wolf of Dalriada on Kindle!

The Wolf of Dalriada Kindle Edition is now out on and other Amazon outlets. Other retailers include Apple, Kobo etc. And a link appears on my book page in Troubador Books. Thank you, Troubador Books, for your support in this new adventure!

I like a print book myself but having travelled a lot over the years I can see the advantage of Kindles. Carrying enough books used to account for most of my excess baggage. And it was never an easy decision – deciding what to leave.

Kindle books take up less space! Buy your e-book version for your summer travels at a special Lockdown price of £2.99 from Troubador and Amazon. (Offer ends at the end of July!)

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About Elizabeth Gates

When I was four, I wrote my first story - mainly because no-one else had written the story I wanted to read. Later, with two degrees in English Language & Literature and Linguistics, I toured Europe as a creative writing tutor and then went on to work as a public health journalist for twenty-five years. Writing has always played a huge part in my life, coupled with history and travel. So my debut novel, The Wolf of Dalriada, seems a natural part of my progression through life. And when not writing, l like to spend time with my family and friends and the livestock that delights in trailing after me.