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I wrote my first stories at the age of four, largely because no-one else had written the stories I wanted to read! And my writing life has continued ever since to flourish and grow in much the same serendipitous way.

Between reading English Language & Literature at Bedford College, University of London, and acquiring an MA in Linguistics at the University of Essex, for example, I explored Europe as a teacher of English and Creative Writing. Then, later, I worked as a freelance journalist. Published for over twenty-five years, in national, regional and local magazines and newspapers, I focussed on Public Health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder in the armed forces and suicide among our farmers and the health of foreign seamen trapped on ships held in British ports.

In 2014, I began to concentrate on my own fiction and this has resulted in The Wolf of Dalriada Stories. These stories have grown out of my addiction to history, travel & adventure and are perhaps not altogether unexpected developments!

      Covid-19 – News for Lonely Furrow Publishing The Wolf of Dalriada (1) is still available. The first story was published by Troubador in 2016 and is still available from Lonely Furrow Publishing – see the book page in the sidebar – £8.99 (+ P&P) for a signed print copy. But, because of Covid-19, there may be some delay. And, if you would prefer an e-book, there’s a special Lockdown offer. See below. The Master Copy of Staining the Soul (Wolf of Dalriada 2) is all ready to go but we cannot move forward with printers and distributors at the moment because of the Pandemic. As soon as we can, we will. In the meantime, I am continuing to write The Wolf of Dalriada 3. And very exciting I’m finding it! Other News! If Lockdown is literally locking you down, and you need some inspiration, try browsing An Author’s Mind on this website (see the sidebar). Twenty authors of different hues appear on those pages exploring their own sources of inspiration and recommending some very good reads to while away the time!

Special Lockdown Offer

For a limited period only, you can buy The Wolf of Dalriada e-book from Amazon or Troubador for the reduced price of £2.99. Something to add to your Kindle, if you’re snatching a staycation in the UK. Or to while away the hours in Lockdown.

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