Home & Abroad

I wrote my first stories as the age of 4, largely because no-one else had written the stories I wanted to read! And my writing life has continued to flourish and grow in much the same serendipitous way.

Between reading English Language & Literature at Bedford College, University of London, and acquiring an MA in Linguistics at the University of Essex, for example, I explored Europe as a teacher of English and Creative Writing. Then, later, I worked as a freelance journalist. Published for over twenty five years, in national, regional and local magazines and newspapers, I focussed on Public Health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder in the armed forces and suicide among our farmers and the health of foreign seamen trapped on ships held in British ports. At this stage, I certainly had a varied and interesting writing life!

Since 2005, when I founded the Lonely Furrow Company Writing for Wellbeing Consultancy, I have been increasingly involved in helping clients use writing – journalling, memoir, poetry, fiction – to explore their hopes, fears and all the other aspects of their lives.

I have now turned to fiction and this has resulted in The Wolf of Dalriada Stories. These stories have grown out of my love for history, travelling and adventure – perhaps a not altogether unexpected development! And I hope you, like me, will find them totally enjoyable.