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‘Gaelic calls spin a web through the mist in arcs of soft sound. Fear unsteadies the unseen flocks on the scrub heather hillside as men and dogs weave a trap around them in the darkling night. Once the flocks are penned, then the lanterns are turned towards the south. The watchers wait in silence.’

– The Highland ‘Voice’

Where next in the Story?

Well, I was expecting something a little more spectacular. Perhaps not in the style of the Millenium Bug but something to register the change of state from pre-publication to publication! However, The Wolf of Dalriada seems to be well represented on the World Wide Web and available for purchase (as print paperback) from this Website or Amazon. The e-book is also available from Troubador.

Staining the Soul is now launched and available from all good book stores. They will be happy to order a copy for you using the ISBNs listed below.. The e-book is available on Troubador, Amazon, Apple, and Google Play and will shortly become available on Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

So – a modest celebration!

You, me and the Public Library

I have registered with the Public Lending Right agency and – in due course – you should be able to borrow The Wolf of Dalriada and Staining the Soul from public libraries. The pecuniary advantage to me will be small but it will exist so please do borrow The Wolf  or Soul as often as you can. Thank you.


And Now . . . !

Following on from The Wolf of Dalriada, the action moves to Paris with all the usual thrills and spills, new characters to enchant and the central question still unanswered. Adelaïde de Fontenoy remains the ultimate obsession for men who are willing to lose their immortal souls in quest of her. And all this takes place against the backdrop of Paris during the French Revolution and the wilds of 18th Century Scotland.  Intrigue, murder and mayhem – what more could you want? A pair of mesmeric lupine blue eyes? They’re in there too.

Staining the Soul will be available from all good bookshops and online outlets. Through this website, from December 2nd, signed copies will be available at £8.99 as will a limited number of the first in the series, The Wolf of Dalriada.

A Special offer for Lockdown!

Through this website, while Lockdown lasts, you can order signed print copies of The Wolf of Dalriada or Staining the Soul, with FREE Postage and Packaging. Every little helps! 

This offer applies to UK orders only.


To make your quest easier, each book and e-book have their own unique ISBN. Here they are:

The Wolf of Dalriada (print): 978-1-78589-990-4

The Wolf of Dalriada (ebook): 978-1-78589-745-0

Staining the Soul (print): 978-1-9160446-0-9

Staining the Soul (ebook): 978-1-9160446-1-6

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