25th October 2018

A heads-up for fans – old and hopefully new – of Rosemary Kind. This well-thought-of author is explaining her writing thought processes – particularly in relation to her recent release, New York Orphan – over on my blog, An Author’s Mind, this month. Are yours similar?

19th September 2018

Woman of mystery Jessie Cahalin reveals which characters from her debut novel, You can’t go it alone, she would invite to dinner and why!

19th August 2018

Man of action j j toner appears on the blog, An Author’s Mind, explaining why he is intrigued by war as a novelist and The Gingerbread Spy is one in a series of results.

19th July 2018

Coming soon – pyschological thriller writer Annie Weir will explain when literary fiction is not literary fiction. In short, it seems, it’s when a bookshop says it isn’t! But Annie will give us this and other insights in her new interview for our  An Author’s Mind blog!  Watch this space!

9th July 2018

Really enjoyed reading extracts from The Wolf of Dalriada to an enthusiastic audience of afficionados this afternoon. This was all part of a workshop entitled Finding the Wolf within, designed to explore the nature of fiction when writing a debut novel. This ‘first’ was a contribution to Wirral Festival of Firsts eighth celebratory year. And I was very grateful to the organisers and @wirrallibraries for inviting me to participate.


21st June 2018

American novelist Denitta Ward has an exciting month ahead of her. She features in the New York Times and An Author’s Mind with her tale of the Paris of the Plains ie Kansas city. To find out what went on in her mind, while writing Somewhere Still, check out her author interview on our own blog, An Author’s Mind.

24th May 2018

On An Author’s Mind blog, this month, I’m delighted to have the opportunity to introduce Rosalind Winter! Rosalind is an historical author with a difference. She is adept at playing with the ‘time-slip’ concept and producing truly original stories! Read on . . .


12th April 2018 Just a note to say you can meet the Author of Home from Home, on the Guest Blog next week. This is all about contemporary fiction meeting a nursing tale with a difference from popular writer, Cath Cole.


A bit of a do!  A mini Blog Tour for ‘The Wolf of Dalriada’!

One of the most fashionable tools in the Novel Marketer’s box – with thanks to:

09.01.2018 Jane Davis, Author

24.02.2018 Faye Rogers, Book Blogger

27.03.2018 Jessie Cahalin, Author

09.04.2018 Tim Walker, Author

More to follow. And I hope to do a full-scale blog tour to launch my second ‘Wolf of Dalriada’ story, Staining the Soul, in Spring 2019. Life will be going on in spite of Brexit.

17th February 2018

Very excited to announce that – as the first of a series of interviews with other authors – the lovely Jane Davis has agreed to participate. Her story (with links to her newest novel, Smash all the Windows) will appear on this website on Thursday, February 22nd 2018. Look out for it!

9th January 2018 – Grateful to Jane Davis for this opportunity!

Virtual Book Club: Elizabeth Gates introduces The Wolf of Dalriada




7th December 2017 7pm

Reading some of ‘The Wolf of Dalriada’ Chapter 1 at Bebington Central Library at the ‘Stories and Wine’ event. More on this later.


29th November 2017 2pm

Reading a Christmas story for Heswall U3A on on-line Vintage Radio. ‘Donkeys’ is the story of a Christmas miracle. Not a ‘Wolf of Dalriada’ story, this is an optimistic contribution to a Christmas show.


3rd October 2017 2pm – 3pm

Wirral Libraries BookFest ‘Taming the Wolf within – from idea to publication’.

How do you find an idea for a novel? How do you write 100,000 useable words? How do you share your finished product? In this talk, entitled ‘Taming the Wolf within . . . ‘, as the author of ‘The Wolf of Dalriada’, I’ll be answering  these and other questions. There will be the opportunity to purchase signed copies of ‘The Wolf of Dalriada’ after the talk.


August 14th 2017

‘The Wolf of Dalriada’ has just arrived at Oban Library, Argyll. A donation made in gratitude for help received when researching 18th Century Argyll.


July 26th 2017 2pm – 3pm

Vintage Radio is hosting local authors reading poems and short stories on the Wirral. I’ll be there, reading ‘Mary’s Marsh’. This is not a Dalriada story. It re-tells a story of the Dee Estuary, Cheshire. Join me!


4th February 2017 – St Valentine’s Month Book Signing for ‘The Wolf of Dalriada’. Come along to award-winning independent bookshop, Linghams248 Telegraph Rd, Heswall, Wirral CH60 7SG at 12 noon. I’ll be there until 1pm and ready to greet and sign.


13th December 2016 – Talk to U3A Neston about ‘Writing ‘The Wolf of Dalriada”. Q & A? I hope they will all have read it. Otherwise, it will be a very short talk. Or perhaps I’ll revisit the eternal principles of novel-writing!


9th December 2016 – A busy week, joining useful organisations such as the Public Lending Rights Agency (dealing with borrowings of ‘The Wolf of Dalriada’ from UK Public Libraries) and the Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society. The ALCS is on the watch for photocopying and foreign borrowings.


28th November 2016 Well, I was expecting something a little more spectacular. Perhaps not in the style of the Millenium Bug but something to register the change of state from pre-publication to publication! However, ‘The Wolf of Dalriada’ seems to be well represented on the World Wide Web and available for purchase (as print and/or e-book) from Troubador Books and Amazon. So – a modest celebration! I have just registered with the Public Lending Right agency and – in due course – three or four days – you should be able to borrow ‘The Wolf of Dalriada’ from public libraries. The pecuniary advantage to me will be small but it will exist so please do borrow ‘The Wolf’ as often as you can. Thank you.


17th October 2016 ‘The Wolf of Dalriada’ – now in Kindle. See Amazon! Click for reviews too. And, if you like Malcolm Craig Lowrie, add your own!


29th September 2016 ‘The Wolf of Dalriada’, is now on display in the Bedford Room at 11 Bedford Square – where my alma mater, Bedford College, began!   A neat feeling of universal connections. See also the on-line Books by Alumni Page of Higher Magazine . Press the ‘Load More’ button until you reach the 29th September page!


16th September 2016 – 100 Print versions of ‘The Wolf of Dalriada’ have arrived in my office. Another 400 are sitting in Troubador Books’ on-line book store. Stunning array of castles.


1st September 2016

Welcome to the commercial world of ‘The Wolf of Dalriada’.