The Wolf of Dalriada


Gaelic calls spin a web through the mist in arcs of soft sound. Fear unsteadies the unseen flocks on the scrub heather hillside as men and dogs weave a trap around them in the darkling night. Once the flocks are penned, then the lanterns are turned towards the south. The watchers wait in silence.

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It is 1793… As Europe watches the French Revolution’s bloody progress, uneasy Scottish landowners struggle to secure their wealth and power. And, in Dalriada  – the ancient Kingdom of Scotland - fractured truths, torn loyalties and atrocities are rife. Can anyone ride the maelstrom of these dangerous times? Only, it seems, Malcolm Craig Lowrie, the legendary Wolf of Dalriada.

In remote Argyll, people cry out for protection against the evil of the Clearances. But the young laird is also drawn into the tragedy of the beautiful Frenchwoman, Adelaide de Fontenoy, staked as a child on the turn of a card and now living in thrall to her debauched captor, Sir William Robinson.

Can the Wolf of Dalriada safeguard his people? Can the Wolf rescue the woman he loves? Can the Wolf defeat enemies who, like the spirit of Argyll’s Corryvreckan Whirlpool, threaten to engulf them all?

Written with a blend of mysticism and intrigue, the psychological realism of the characters is exhibited in their reaction to savage cultural change. ‘The Wolf of Dalriada’ is a historical novel that will be enjoyed by fans of Philippa Gregory and Hilary Mantel.

PUBLISHED 28th November 2016
ISBN 9781785899904

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