Guest Blogging & An Author’s Mind

Welcome to my guest blogging page where you will find guest blogs from other authors, introducing their own work. Click on authors and their titles below to learn more.  There are some wonderful people here! And do follow the links to their blogs for more information. If any readers of this page who are also authors would like to appear in An Author’s Mind series, let me know and I’ll send you some questions which will explore how writing works for you. The more, the merrier!

On the blog so far:

Patricia M Osborne – House of Grace

Tim Walker – Arthur Dux Bellorum

Alison Ripley Cubitt – Nighthawks

Rhona Whiteford – Breaking Points

Annie Whitehead – To be a Queen

Linda Huber – Stolen Sister

Diana Stevan – Sunflowers under Fire

J L Gilliland – The Descent of Lakshmi – Mythic Book 1

Debbie Young – Springtime for Murder

Zara Altair – The Roman Heir

P K Adams – The Greenest Branch

Ali Bacon – In the Blink of an Eye

Rosemary Kind – New York Orphan

Jessie Cahalin – You Can’t Go It Alone

J J Toner – The Gingerbread Spy

Annie Weir – Judith Wants To Be Your Friend

Denitta Ward – Somewhere Still

Rosalind Winter – Ready, Steady, Dig!

Cath Cole – Home from Home

Tim Walker – Uther’s Destiny

Jane Davis – Smash All The Windows

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