Men’s ambition and a woman with drive!

 ‘Before now, women have always seen the world through the light of men’s ambitions. But, though this may shape the physical space they move within, they may not play by the rules of what women are perceived to be able to offer. Aethelflaed, daughter of Alfred the Great and intricately connected to many Anglo-Saxon noble houses, is in this mould. And Annie Whitehead takes you right there. World-building is a key element of the historical novel and this is one of Ms Whitehead’s major talents. If you are curious as to how a modern woman would make her way in the Anglo-Saxon world, ‘To Be A Queen’ is the winter read for you!’
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When I was four, I wrote my first story - mainly because no-one else had written the story I wanted to read. Later, with two degrees in English Language & Literature and Linguistics, I toured Europe as a creative writing tutor and then went on to work as a public health journalist for twenty-five years. Writing has always played a huge part in my life, coupled with history and travel. So my debut novel, The Wolf of Dalriada, seems a natural part of my progression through life. And when not writing, l like to spend time with my family and friends and the livestock that delights in trailing after me.