23rd May 2018

Cover by Tom Horner of The Upper Room


More Milestones for The Wolf of Dalriada stories!

Independent publishing is nothing if not teamwork. Fine – you’ve written a novel that has a story illustrating something important to you, making sense of the world as you see it. But you want to see it on people’s bookshelves so where next? Well, first, you read it through again – perhaps four or five times. And you invite your Beta Readers to add their tuppence worth, not as professionals but as intelligent and informed readers. But then, there is a host of publishing industry professionals whom you may wish to pull onto your team. When you do, you turn from ‘Author’ into ‘Producer’ overnight.


Staining the Soul (No 2 in The Wolf of Dalriada series) is now off to the Production Editor for proof-reading and content editing. Then I’ll send it off to the Romantic Novelists’Association New Writers Scheme for assessment and suggestions. And then? Watch this space.

PS. I have found the Alliance of Independent Authors particularly helpful in pulling my team together.

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